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10 Days Paro Festival

Paro Tshechu (festival) is the

13 Days Druk Wangyal Festival

This trip leads you to

7 days Bhutan Western Tour

Western Bhutan Tour takes you

8 Days Thimphu Dormche Festival

The Thimphu Festival is the

9 Days Bhutan Honeymoon Tour

The Bhutan Honeymoon Tour will

11 Days Royal High Festival Laya

The Royal Highlander festival takes

8 Days Bhutan Tiger Nest Tour

The Bhutan Tiger Nest Tour

13 Days Bhutan GNH Tours

Bhutan GNH Tours takes you

19 Days Bhutan Birding Tour (East to West Bhutan)

This tour begins from Samdrupdzongkhar

9 Days Punakha Dromche Festival

Punakha Dromche festival is a

6 days Bhutan Exotic Tour

Exotic Bhutan will take you

9 Days Black necked Crane Festival

Black-naked crane is a rare

10 Days Bhutan Mystic Tours

The Mystic Bhutan Tours will

9 days Bhutan Shangri-la Tour

Bhutan Shangri-la Tour takes you

8 Days Bhutan Fishing Tour

Bhutan Fishing Tour is an

5 days Glimpse of Bhutan

Glimpse of Bhutan will take


This 7 days Bhutan meditation

6 Days Bhutan Rafting Tour

The Bhutan Rafting Tour will

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special packages

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What is 30 Days Snowman Trek II (Season: June – Mid October)

This trek will be a life time experience of high mountains in the north western part of Bhutan. This The Snowman Trek is an extension
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Tour Reviews

Rick and Melissa Ryles USA

8 Days Bhutan Tiger Nest Tour

What an amazing travel experience! Grace Bhutan Travel made our trip totally unforgettable! David was a skilled and professional driver. We felt completely safe as we traveled many mountainous roads. David always kept the Van clean and ready for the next destination. Our guide, Tenzin, was thoroughly knowledgeable and quite personable! We enjoyed learning history and Bhutanese culture from him. David and Tenzin made a great team! They escorted us with enthusiasm and royal treatment. All travel arrangements went smoothly and was well organized
Rick and Melissa Ryles USA


9 days Bhutan Shangri-la Tour

I had a wonderful time during the trip. The guide was informative, friendly and attentive to our entire group! I definitely plan to be a returning customer and recommend this to my friends and family!